MediPixel for Device Manufacturers

Deliver more than just the marketing message, deliver the device to anyone, anywhere…instantly.

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MediPixel for Healthcare Workers

Effective solutions for medical device training challenges - with or without the medical device.

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See for yourself the opportunities Medipixel can bring to your organization.

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Mobile Training
for your Device

Why should medical device manufactures have all the fun? Lab9ine's technology can be applied to any device.


MediPixel Overview

MediPixel AR
MediPixel Broadens the pool of available Learning Styles.

Medipixel addresses the need outlined in current research for more active, tactile, and self-directed learning strategies in this ever changing industry

MediPixel AR
Move, rotate, and "touch" a virtual representation of your medical device.

Through the convenience of your mobile device's touchscreen interface & Augmented Reality technology, learn about the real world medical device in front of you or interact with a virtual medical device when the real device is not accessible.

MediPixel AR
Tactile Tracking and Reporting

Receive detailed reports on every interface element you have "touched" on the medical device and review analytic reports sent to you and/or your supervisor via email.

Lab9ine's MediPixel App - Why?

Lab9ine's new line of training apps for medical devices, called Medipixel, addresses the need outlined in current research for more active, tactile, and self-directed learning strategies in this ever changing industry. Unlike currently existing systems, Medipixel broadens the pool of available learning styles to the medical professional by applying an experiential learning model via a unique combination of emerging technologies. This unique combination of technologies delivered on a mobile device, employs Augmented Reality, virtual 3D models, and touch screen interactions. The advanced analytics system supports industry compliance standards and allows the software to track the user's interactions and knowledge retention related to every key feature of a medical device. This multi-language training platform is also highly adaptive and can be readily maintained as a standalone entity or integrated into an existing system.

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